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PRESS RELEASE: Fertilizers Europe congratulates Angélique Delahaye for winning the MEP Award

Fertilizers Europe congratulates Ms. Angélique Delahaye for winning the MEP Award in Agriculture and Rural Development. She was a deserving winner, having played a very active role in a number of important files. Being a Rapporteur for the future of the CAP in the Environment Committee she will have a prominent role in reconciling agriculture and environment.

 “We are honoured to participate to this event and to sponsor the Award for Agriculture and Rural Development” says Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe. “Lately, we have worked closely together with the members of the Parliament on the fertilizer regulation, and I have been impressed by the interest and willingness of many MEPs to get involved in this issue. Involvement is what ultimately ensures that proposals are improved for the good of EU citizens and businesses. I congratulate Ms Delahaye wholeheartedly.”

The annual MEP Awards took place the 21st March in Brussels. The event recognizes the work and commitment of the Members of the European Parliament in a wide range of policy areas.