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Phosphate recycling workshop


The fertilizers industry is by far the largest consumer of phosphate (P) rocks. However, as for many resources, Europe, except for Finland, does not...[more]

'Putting all the cards on the table'


The Decadmiation Workshop was stated in an article written by Mark Evans from Fertilizer International n°458. 'Putting all the cards on the table'.[more]

Press Release - European Commission – Climate and Energy package


Fertilizers are needed to feed the world and represent 50% of food supply. European production is the global leader in efficiency we therefore...[more]

Press release - Global food businesses support climate smart agriculture through new web app


Global agri-food businesses are using the launch of a new carbon management web app to highlight the need for greater collaboration on agricultural...[more]

Forum on Fertilizers and Nutrients for Growth - 5th November - EP


The second “Forum on Fertilizers and Nutrients for Growth” was held on November 5th, 2013 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The focus this time...[more]

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Fertilizers Europe

The ChallengeMineral fertilizers have an essential role to play in meeting the twin challenges of feeding an increasing world population and limiting climate change...