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Fertilizer industry tells MEPs that “one size does not fit all” in ETS: Tiering is a solution


On 10 May, at the dinner debate hosted by MEP J. M. Marinescu in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Jacob Hansen, the Director General of...[more]

Press release – Circular Economy package


Fertilizer’s Europe welcome’s today’s publishing of the “Circular Economy Package”. The principle of growing our economy in a resource-efficient...[more]

The EU's revised Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Directive


Fertilizers Europe looks forward to working with the European Parliament and member states to make sure that the revised Emissions Trading Scheme...[more]

ETS - From incentive to tax


In response to the publishing of the revised Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Directive 203/87/EC Javier Goñi del Cacho, President, Fertilizers Europe...[more]

Bio-economy depends on technological innovation and the fertilizer industry wants to be part


Berlin, 16 January 2015 Bio-economy is about using renewable biological resources and making the economy more sustainable and resource-efficient....[more]

EU Nitrogen Expert Panel presented to the European Parliament


Brussels, 10 December 2014 The “Forum on Fertilizers and Nutrients for Growth” took place in the European Parliament on the 9 December 2014. The...[more]

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