General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body of authority in Fertilizers Europe structure. The General Assembly meets annually and consists of representatives from all member companies and associations. The General Assembly approves Fertilizers Europe budget and agrees on strategic priorities.


The Executive Committee of the Board comprises specially assigned high-level representatives from the member companies and associations. The Executive Committee of the Board meets three to four times per year and shares collective responsibility for the development, integration and execution of the strategic work-plan. The Executive Committee of the Board is responsible for the annual budget proposal.

Open Board

The Board comprises representatives from all member companies and meets twice a year.
It approves the work-plans and oversees the work of the Executive Committee of the Board.


Fertilizers Europe has four Committees:

  • Agriculture & Environment Committee
  • Trade & Economic Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Statistics Committee

Each Committee comprises a member of the Secretariat team and member representatives.


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