Statistics current issues

The committee’s continued focus has been on facilitating members’ access to reliable market information. During 2012, activities were directed at upgrading the statistics database. Currently the database allows members to monitor Eu fertilizer trade figures but the committee is working on adding Eu fertilizer consumption data. it also continued to support the activities of other Fertilizers Europe committees, contributing to the annual "Forecast of Food, Farming and Fertilizer use" with actual fertilizer consumption figures and providing regular support in trade defence cases.

Industry statistics

The committee has distributed industry statistics to members throughout the year to support their forecasting and benchmarking activities. The statistics are produced in compliance with European competition law. Regular publications include figures relating to European fertilizer consumption, capacities, production, exports and imports, deliveries, as well as the Membership Profile covering industry turnover, investment and employment.

The committee also produced the Fertilizers Europe annual survey of members’ production costs for the main fertilizer products. This survey identifies trends within the industry as a whole and serves as a benchmarking tool.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the full Statistics Committee in Brussels in October gave members the opportunity to review activities and upcoming projects. In 2013, the committee will work on integrating the new members and ensuring the accuracy and timely delivery of industry statistics.

Fertilizer trade

Fertilizer imports into Europe (EU-27) in 2011/2012 from countries outside the EU were 0.9 million tonnes less than the previous year. These accounted for 20% of total European fertilizer consumption, compared to 26% the year earlier.